Thursday, April 30, 2009

new home for us...

my sissy's and I (Colorful, G and me!) have moved to a new sim....we have a lot of land and live in a huge castle.  it's beautiful there.   the only problem i have with it? the first night we moved in the neighbors started drama with us real quick.  imagine moving in and having a neighbor come over to "greet you" but when in actuality they came over to gawk at the new house that was put down.  then to have her boyfriend, lover, or is it boy toy come over and harass your sister with a gun and shoot her? yea, exactly what i wrote is what you just read.  and then to carry a stupid conversation with this idiot and be told that he doesn't appreciate that we have the same castle down.  and she doesn't appreciate us going over to her land and "spying" on  her to see what kind of homes she has.  that she owns more than half the sim.  whatever bitch...i am not that stupid!

they have been banned and hopefully we won't have more problems with them....but if we do i will be sure to write about it.


  1. Wow, they think they're pretty special, huh?

  2. tell me about it. we haven't had a problem since then though

  3. That bitch. Sendin her dumb ass bf to shoot me. I should bust a cap. Or build a smuf city in the corner where our play area is >:)