Wednesday, March 25, 2009

so ummm yea...

it's been a bit since i have posted but i have been doing a lot in RL.   *sigh*

anyways...i am not quite sure what made me do it but i started on the Twisted hunt with my sissy's Colorful and G.  But me being me.....yea i didn't finish it bwahahahaha!  i guess i mostly didn't finish it cuz i didn't want to wander around without my sissy's.  it's very lonely on SL without them.  and not so much fun when you want to take crazy pics or laugh at some random crap you see around you.

next tuesday i am in the Diamond Dogs fashion show for Sn@tch. i am a bit nervous.  i am not sure what to expect or if i am even going to be good enough.  i mean yea i model for the store but that's different completely ya know? maybe i post some pics when it's over and done with.  if i remember lol.

Friday, March 13, 2009

So I am sitting here trying to log onto SL.....much to my surprise I CAN'T LOG IN!!!!!!!!!  I am also trying to sign up some friends and the secondlife webpage is DOWN!!!!!! WTF?!?!?!??! I can't deal with this right now, I'm bored and just want to go on SL.

Okay I'm done ranting......

Friday, March 6, 2009


I don't know if I should continue from where I left off yesterday or if I should just start fresh.  

Okay, I decided I will continue from yesterday. Hahahaha!  So, during all my wanderings I met some wonderful people....some of whom I still hold near.  I also hopped along to many shops and clubs. I started to figure out that camping wasn't going to cover my spending habits.  Neither would the random contests here or there.  I asked some of my friends what I could do. (Other than using my credit card!) This is where working came into play.

I had a few jobs here and there....  I was a hostess and dancer @ Nocturne nightclub.  I was a club manager and dancer @ Fetish Fortress, which is no longer there. (and yes, its as the name implies...a WHOLE lot of fetishes in one castle) I was also a dancer at several other clubs, many of which aren't there anymore and I don't remember the names.  But now, I am strictly working at one place.  My most favorite place on SL.  I am a model @ Sn@tch.  I had started shopping at Sn@tch in early of 2008 and it didn't dawn on me to apply until late 2008.  I mean, what could be more fun than working at the place where you spend the most Lindens?  And it didn't hurt that I never had one bad experience while there.  Everyone is so sweet and nice, especially the owner Ivey.  Plus, I get to work with my sissy Colorful! 

I will continue at another many little time!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

what became of me.....

I started out on SL in 11/07....haven't hit my 2 yr old SL self yet. Hahaha.  I found out about second life from a newspaper while I was taking the train home from work one night.  Me, being me and only that never anything else, had to just log on and try it.  I am one that loves video games and all things virtual.  I fell in love with SL from the beginning even thought I had no clue what to do or what I would find.  And boy did I find a lot!  One of the first places I stopped in was, yes, a camping spot!  I met some very different characters there, all fighting for a spot to camp for 2L every 10 min.  See, at this time I was still so very new at it that it didn't hit me there were so many other choices to make took me several months to branch out!  When I would get sick of the camping I would search for places I would be able to get freebs.  I thought I was in HEAVEN!  So many clothes, shoes and little time - or so I thought.  When I did start wearing the shoes....I thought I was so cool...I wore the bling! I think I even did it from head to toe!  But what's even cuter...I wore the shoes with NO BASE! Hehehe...silly me...the shoes looked funny but I thought they were like that.

Since that time, I have grown....I have had my share of SL jobs....made several friends (who are very dear to me that I call them family) and I have made my share of enemies.  I have found those who only want to cyber.  And those who want to party.  I don't think I will ever step away from SL......