Friday, March 6, 2009


I don't know if I should continue from where I left off yesterday or if I should just start fresh.  

Okay, I decided I will continue from yesterday. Hahahaha!  So, during all my wanderings I met some wonderful people....some of whom I still hold near.  I also hopped along to many shops and clubs. I started to figure out that camping wasn't going to cover my spending habits.  Neither would the random contests here or there.  I asked some of my friends what I could do. (Other than using my credit card!) This is where working came into play.

I had a few jobs here and there....  I was a hostess and dancer @ Nocturne nightclub.  I was a club manager and dancer @ Fetish Fortress, which is no longer there. (and yes, its as the name implies...a WHOLE lot of fetishes in one castle) I was also a dancer at several other clubs, many of which aren't there anymore and I don't remember the names.  But now, I am strictly working at one place.  My most favorite place on SL.  I am a model @ Sn@tch.  I had started shopping at Sn@tch in early of 2008 and it didn't dawn on me to apply until late 2008.  I mean, what could be more fun than working at the place where you spend the most Lindens?  And it didn't hurt that I never had one bad experience while there.  Everyone is so sweet and nice, especially the owner Ivey.  Plus, I get to work with my sissy Colorful! 

I will continue at another many little time!

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