Wednesday, March 25, 2009

so ummm yea...

it's been a bit since i have posted but i have been doing a lot in RL.   *sigh*

anyways...i am not quite sure what made me do it but i started on the Twisted hunt with my sissy's Colorful and G.  But me being me.....yea i didn't finish it bwahahahaha!  i guess i mostly didn't finish it cuz i didn't want to wander around without my sissy's.  it's very lonely on SL without them.  and not so much fun when you want to take crazy pics or laugh at some random crap you see around you.

next tuesday i am in the Diamond Dogs fashion show for Sn@tch. i am a bit nervous.  i am not sure what to expect or if i am even going to be good enough.  i mean yea i model for the store but that's different completely ya know? maybe i post some pics when it's over and done with.  if i remember lol.


  1. Of course you'll be good enough, sweets, you're fabulous!All you have to worry about is not falling off the catwalk. =)

  2. your so sweet to me! i hope all goes well!